The past story

The original project “Confetti’s” was born by chance when at the end of the ’80ies two Belgian producers, Serge Ramaekers and Dominic Sas, were asked to make a publicity spot for the former nightclub “Confetti’s” (Brasschaat, Antwerp). “The Sound of C” was made and was procuced in that prevailing “Underground Sound” of that time: the “New Beat”, mainly characterized by its slow pace and heavy bass. A very specific style of dance developed itself on this sound in the disco’s, called the “New Beat” dance style because of its origins in the electro pop from the “New” Wave and the slowed down “Beat” in the music. Up until today this is still the only unique dancing style originating from the Belgian dance scene.


“The Sound of C” with its more melodic and commercial composition than the at that current underground releases made the “New Beat” more accessible to the public and it became a big hit, first in Belgium (over 100.000 singles sold), then France (over 1 million singles sold) and soon the rest of Europe followed. Immediately, a group was formed out of the local, tall and mimetically acting waiter named “Peter” from the discotheque “Confetti’s” along with a number of young female visitors that had mastered the “New Beat” dance style and to make the recognition complete it was obvious the group was called “Confetti’s”. Other hits soon followed such as “C in China” and “C-Day”. The latter song was more suited to the image of the former group, which consisted of a front man who was dressed in military dress parade and docile female dancers in stewardess outfits. “Confetti’s” were the largest “New Beat” export product of that era. The group toured throughout Europe and they have left an important mark in the “international dance scene”. Unfortunately, the “New Beat” style became the victim of over-commercialization. With “Put’m Up” a trial for a new direction was set by incorporating hip hop and euro beat influences. In 1993, however, a final split came between the group and management and the entire project was put on hold. But the legendary “Sound of C” still sounds familiar…

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