The future story

With the revival of the ’80ies and’ 90ies music, acts of the past emerged from the dust. But given the original group is no longer able to act, was searched for worthy successor. Former record label owner José of “USA Import Music”, which at that time launched the group “Confetti’s”, met the artist “Geert” through connections of Geert’s Robotic Performances. The two decided to give the concept an immediately revival. After a successful trial period include appearances in shows like “Red Bull Electropedia” (Forward, Ghent 5,000 visitors and broadcast on the music channel TMF) and “Back to the Eighties” (Ethias Arena Hasselt 10,000 visitors and national TV), it was clear that the public still could enjoy the act. From there on, the group has had many successful performances in different surroundings such as dance halls, discothèques, fairs, anniversary parties, carnival stage performances, corporate parties, retro parties, and big stages with many artists in Belgium, Holland, France.


Based on the experience of the performances so far, the show is re-adjusted by an evolution to the future with respect for the past. The artist “Geert” and singer / dancer / choreographer “Sophie” have some of the most famous old songs re-recorded. These are totally remade and transformed into modern versions in the professional recording studio “Belvedere” of Phil D.


On stage, the artist “Geert” and his sexy dancers “Sophie”, “Lindsay”, “Hanna”… bring a visually attractive show. Its corny image of that time with four scouts-like girls separately did their thing under the authority of their strict leader was adjusted to a more dynamic look. We opted for an occupancy with less dancers but more vocal back-up through a female dancer/singer, so that a greater interaction with the front man, a dancer and entertainer at heart, is possible and thus also live interaction with the public.
The new look makes with its remade costumes a nod to the former group, but are adapted to the culture of our time and therefore somewhat more challenging. The core of the original concept, being a somewhat crazy front man interacting with his jolly female dancers is still fully present. The charming “New Beat” dance style is picked up but further developed by choreographer and dance teacher “Sophie” and evolves as the show progresses to new influences from contemporary styles. Front man “Geert”, dance teacher and master in robotics, electric boogie, mime, and body popping makes the act flashier than ever with a healthy sense of humor. He takes his audience into his adventure, even more, he makes them sing, to dance and to move the entire mass is entranced… see Youtube Channel de “The Confettis”.

New Look Retro:

The Confettis - new look retro

New Look Future:

The Confettis - new look future

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