The future story

With the revival of the ‘80ies and’ 90ies music, acts of the past emerged from the dust. But given the original group is no longer able to act, there was a search to found a tribute to the concept. This time with the artist who was the inspiration for the group at the time and founder of the new beat dance, namely Geert, dance teacher and former European champion mime & robotic dancing. He had already been approached for the group at the time and had made a persiflage under the name “Serpentins” on various new beat underground acts that were then set up in the 1980s. He had great success with this and the video of his tour of this was used several times as a source of inspiration for the first Confetti line-up. He himself was then professionally developing a futuristic act, first under the name “Man Machine” with singles “the Eve of the WarUFO, IFO” (produced with Phil Wilde) and “The Best Ever Seen” (produced with Collins). He later developed “Laserman” with singles including Technology and One Two (produced with P. Neefs) and toured worldwide with this act.


After a successful trial period include appearances in shows like “Red Bull Electropedia” (Forward, Ghent 5,000 visitors and broadcast on the music channel TMF) and “Back to the Eighties” (Ethias Arena Hasselt 10,000 visitors and national TV), it was clear that the public still could enjoy the act. From there on, the group has had many successful performances in different surroundings such as dance halls, discothèques, fairs, anniversary parties, carnival stage performances, corporate parties, retro parties, and big stages with many artists in Belgium, Holland, France.


Geert took the act under his hands and together with his artistic and business partner Sophie he developed a nostalgic and contemporary concept. The act experienced further evolutions in terms of occupation, but in 2019 they bring together a visual live show. which is a revolution against the play back times of yore.


New black look 2019:

New Look 2019 C2.0 & logo C2.0y Black llr

New red look 2019:

The Confettis 2.0 Red Look DSC_6990 & logo C2.0y Black llr

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