Two new versions of the show called “The Confettis 2.0 Hitshow (back to nostalgia)” and “the Confettis 2.0 with a blink to the 80s & 90s” were launched this year. You provide – unless otherwise specified – a professional PA service including 2 wireless headset microphones, monitors, custom lighting and a solid stage and the group brings an unforgettable show to your audience. Under the “Booking” button you can enter all the information and we will send a personalized quote. Under the button Booking you can fill in all your wishes and information so that we can send you a personalized quote.

For a variety of events:

The act is very appropriate for ’80s and ’90s parties but also at events where people can inhale a bit of nostalgia. Definitely a flash-back with the “New Beat” sliding steps of the frivolous and pretty girls and the authoritarian but funny front man who knows how to entertain his audience with his special way of performing full of humor and mime.


But thanks to their wide spread reputation, “the Confetti’s” with their “This is the Sound of C“,”the Sound which creates a new dimension” can easily be programmed as a frivolous and colorful act that brings ambiance for young and old for individuals or families on whatever festivity in your city, town or village in open air or hall.
The act is also suitable for discos or dance clubs where the young folks like to party on the nice and modern dance beats and universal melodies of the reworked songs. On the infectious rhythm the front man draws the audience into an enthusiastic crowd, arising waving arms. On “the Confetti’s” tunes, partying is the right action!


On big events, the group can stand up to other acts, both old and new, as the front man, a born entertainer, provides more live interaction with the audience than ever before and the group doesn’t stop to amuse the audience with their dynamic show. The act “theConfetti’s 2 the Future” is highly recommended as an alternative to all other acts!


For your corporate events, your employees will revive the time of their lives, remembering the hits and reliving the fun of the “New Beat” dance moves, and the front man will entertain your public with his crazy moves but most of all by letting the public fully sympathize with the act. In no time the whole venue will be on flame and fire!


Additionally, an appropriate act may be delivered for product launches with a hostess service from the female dancers (handing out gadgets, accompanying people) and the front man can reveal or propose a product in his specific and mimic way. There is also a possibility to a poster / flyer service for the organizer in order to deliver not only a high quality advertising towards the customer but also being relieved from a lot of work. These additional services can only be booked in conjunction with a show booking of “the Confetti’s”.

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