Front man, the artist Geert



Geert’s broad cultural interests led him to study Latin and Greek middle and high school, but his interest in technique and artistic creation made him choose to study industrial design in Antwerp. He became an inventor, product developer, cartoonist, graphic designer and stage designer. Still the music bug always tickled him above all other interests. He was fascinated in electronic music from the very beginning (Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre) and began to dance on it entirely from his own feeling. He developed these skills further and quickly became Belgian champion breakdance, specialised in robotics and mime. He soon conquered the European Champion tilte in Electric Boogie and won the World Show Dance Solo in Robotics … and out from his creativity new acts were born like “Dance Master GT”, “Man Machine” and “Laserman” with which he toured around the world. He soon started his own solo projects such as “Oh-O”, “Magic Man”, “Laserman – Technology” where he wrote and sang the rap texts. He was the pioneer in various dance styles such as “New Beat”, “Hip Hop”, “Jump” but is most known for his “Mime” and “Robotic” dancing (see YouTube links). As an artist he was already on several national TV shows to see, but also abroad. For several companies he invented shows and promotional tours.

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Dancer, choreographer and singer Sophie

Sophie, a frivolous, positive and sensual girl started to feel early the rhythm jitters. She developed herself into a strong dancer and creative choreographer and founded her own dance organization in 2007, where she learns very young to mature students taste the flavor of dance and music. Singing was in her blood from the early age on and she’s fond of making her own interpretation of the lyrics of a song she likes. She met the front man in one of his dance classes and was immediately selected to perform as a regular dancer in the various themed tours of his, such as the “Laserman Technology Tour”, “The Revenge Disco Dancers”, “The Millennium Dancers” and “The Moon”. Meanwhile, she is his life partner and together they build on their artistic careers.

Dancer Lindsay


Lindsay, a cheerful and enthusiastic girl, quickly picked up the dancing butterflies in her young years. She started her own dance group and became noted as a background dancer with famous belgian artists . Later, she developed herself into animator on holiday resorts and became a member of a promotion team for brands in different clubs putting up dance acts. She’s currently a fitness and Yoga instructor specialising in “Zumba” dance. She excelled at an audition for the restart of “The Confetti’s” to join the new cast.


Dancer Hanna

Hanna bio sm






Hanna, a sporty and athletic girl started very early developing herself in a rythmic gymnast and won different titles in her discipline. Ever since she has combined her skills with music and dancing. She is a certified Zumba and Bokwa instructor, teaching Trampo Class as well. She’s not afraid to go all the way with physical endurance like ‘Danceburner‘ so you can expect some fire on the stage. She was later selected to join the new cast of “The Confetti’s“.

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